JKC Lawyers. Supporting you through life

Our friendly, specialist team regularly provides no-nonsense advice on family issues, we pride ourselves on communicating clearly, working flexibly, understanding what you’re going through and supporting you in the best way we can.


Divorce and separation can be an emotional and stressful time. Our experienced divorce solicitors are here to advise and support you on all aspects of the process, whether it involves your children, finances, and property or business interests. The lives of the whole family are affected by the outcome, so the style of approach, and way agreements are reached, can be as important as the settlement itself.


In addition to representing individuals, JKC has significant experience working on behalf of businesses suing for breach of contract, patent infringement, employment disputes, fraud, and other causes of action. We are straightforward and provide honest advice whenever you need us.


If you are having an issue at work e.g. if your manager is giving you a hard time or you feel that you are being harassed or unfairly treated in some way, Or you are an employer, who needs some advice on your rights, it is often difficult to know exactly what to do. We are proactive in suggesting solutions to you and pragmatic in helping you to achieve what you want.