The loss of a loved one can be very distressing in itself, let alone dealing with that person’s Estate. We are here to minimise your stress, by assisting you in administering and winding up the Estate.

We have experience dealing with all issues relating to Wills, Probate and Estate Administration matters.

Probate is the process of administering a Deceased person’s Estate, whether or not there was a valid Will. If the person had a valid Will when they died, then Executors named on the Will take on the responsibility of administering the Deceased’s wishes in accordance with the Will. If the Deceased did not have a valid Will, he or she is said to have died ‘intestate’ and the Intestacy Rules would determine who can be appointed as the Administrator(s) of the Estate. There are several important tasks that need to be completed by an Administrator or an Executor.

Both Executors and potential Administrators can instruct us in relation to obtaining Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration and dealing with Deceased’s Estate. Rather than the common approach of only offering to deal with the entire matter on a percentage cost of the value of the Estate, we offer a much more flexible approach.

Whether you are an Executor or an Administrator of an Estate, call us to see how we can assist.

If you have any concerns about the validity of a Will, not received what you had expected from an Estate or if you can concerns about the manner in which an Estate is being administered, our Litigation Department can help you find practical solutions at what is often an emotionally difficult time.

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