Couples who have decided to divorce or separate work together with their mediator to try and  resolve the issues. The mediator is highly trained and impartial; he or she does not take sides and is non-judgemental. The mediator works with and for you both in helping you to reach agreement in a non-adversarial environment. Meetings with the mediator take place with both of you in the same room, on neutral ground. Everything discussed with the mediator is confidential.

You and your mediator sit down together and try to work out a Memorandum of Understanding which covers all the issues such as what will happen to the family home, where the children will live, how they spend time with each parent, and a financial settlement. Lines of communication are  established and you take control over decision-making, over your own lives and your children’s future.

You will be encouraged to focus on your futures and to look forward to developing new and  separate lives. The aim is to reach decisions in a constructive, dignified and non-adversarial way.

When an agreement is reached, the mediator will prepare a summary for each spouse, and this will be handed to our team of expert for translation into a Court document.