Violence in a relationship is tragic and sometimes needs the intervention of the Court. This may take the form of an Injunction or even Police intervention.

Every minute in the UK the police receive a call from the public for assistance because of domestic violence. That’s the tip of the iceberg because the majority of incidents go unreported happening behind ‘closed’ doors. In any one year there are an estimated 13 million separate incidents of physical violence or threats of violence from partners or former partners.

Domestic violence can take many forms, from a physical or sexual attack to less obvious psychological, emotional or even financial abuse. Above all it is insidious, often repetitive and destroys lives and families. These grim statistics reinforce how complex and inter-related the realities of domestic violence are not just for its direct victims, but for other people in the household. The most common forms of protection are:

Injunctions/ Emergency Protection Orders

We can help you obtain an injunction order from the Court to help protect you. Depending on your situation this could include ordering someone not to come within a certain distance of you/your family or ordering them not harass, intimidate or abuse you/your children and your family.

Occupation Order

This deals with the occupation of the home. The Court can only make an order about a property in which you both lived (or intended to live) together. It can confirm your right to live there, “regulate” occupation so that it can define which areas of the property you can each enter and when, remove the perpetrator from the property and impose an exclusion zone around the property.

Jane Kaim Caudle LLP are experienced in helping the victims of abuse to obtain the full protection that the law has to offer, as well as advising them about other support services that are available to help them come to terms with their experiences. We are committed to dealing quickly with emergency situations and have been able to bring emergency cases to the Court within the hour.