From December 2004, it has been possible for same sex couples to enter into a Civil Partnership. Civil partnerships are for adult same-sex couples who are not in an existing registered partnership or marriage and are not closely related. Couples who register have legal status as ‘registered civil partners’ and acquire a package of rights and responsibilities in the same way as married couples.

The Civil Partnership, as with a Divorce, can only be dissolved by making the necessary application for dissolution to the Court.

When a Civil Partnership is dissolved the separating couple have to consider financial issues such as property transfers or adjustments orders, pension orders and maintenance orders. There is often the issue of the jointly owned home to consider and there may disputes about children.

To dissolve a Civil partnership you must prove one of the following facts as in Divorce;

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • 2 Years separation with consent
  • Desertion
  • 5 Years Separation

Adultery only applies to heterosexual sex and therefore cannot be used as a fact in dissolving a Civil Partnership

At Jane Kaim Caudle LLP, we shall be happy to discuss the implications of civil partnership with those contemplating such a step, or those emerging from a fractured relationship.