Whether you are married or not, if you have concerns about the arrangements for your children our family lawyers can offer you the advice you need. This could relate to how often either you or your spouse see the children, or with whom your children should be residing.

We make every effort to resolve matters by agreement. However, where this is not possible we are able to guide you through the Court process to try and achieve the best result possible.

Extended Families
We have experience in acting not only for parents but also for other family members including grandparents and children. We represent clients both in resolving issues within their family (private children matters) or where a local authority is involved with a family and legal proceedings are necessary (public children matters).

Our family solicitors can also advise you in relation to some other considerations that might be of concern, such as where your child should go to school, which country they should live in, whose surname they should have, or whether they should undergo a medical procedure.

Contact is considered the right of the child, rather than the parent. Disputes can often arise in relation to children; who they live with and how often they see each parent.

We can help you to agree contact arrangements with your former partner or spouse and if a dispute arises, we can guide and help you through any necessary court application.

Residence is often mistakenly referred to as ‘custody’ or ‘access to children’ and is concerned with where the children live. We can help you to agree where the children live, or if an agreement cannot be reached, we can guide and represent you in any court application.

Child Abduction
If you feel that there is a very real risk that your partner or spouse may abduct your child, we can help you to take the urgent and necessary steps to prevent this. Or, if the abduction has already taken place, we can issue an urgent application at court for your child to be returned. In these cases, prompt action is key and we would recommend that you seek legal advice immediately.

Specific Issues
Sometimes disputes can arise in relation to schooling, medical issues, religious concerns or the surnames of children. We can help you to resolve these issues and if an agreement cannot be reached, we can guide and represent you in any necessary court application.

We also provide specialist advice on:

  • Special Guardianship Orders
  • Grandparents contact
  • International abduction
  • Emergency applications, including return of a child, removal from jurisdiction etc